Weighted Faux Fur Vest Kids Weighted Suspenders Sensational Hug Tee Long Sleeves Weighted Pocket Scarf

Brrr. Weather is changing and it's time to change over to your fall wardrobe. For sensory sensitive kids, layers can be calming but for some individuals (particularly sensory avoiders) it can be too much too soon. Let's take a look at our top sensory clothing choices for fall so your kids can Dress Up for Success!

Weighted Vest

Fall is a perfect time for layering with a vest. Our weighted vests are terrific for adding a calming effect to help your kids concentrate. Try our Denim, Stretch Denim or Fleece Vest for a great fall look while getting all the benefits of weight and compression.


Long Stretchy T-shirts

For those who need all day compression, our Sensational Tees provide an all-day hug through the trunk, hips and arms. Wear the tees alone or as an "under" shirt under a school uniform or other shirt.


Weighted Suspenders

Kids love the feel and weight of these suspenders. They are like no others and provide just enough input through the shoulders while holding up your pants. Pair these with our Sensational Hug Tee for a great look!


Weighted Scarf

When the wind picks up, your kids may need a scarf. Our sensory kids love our Weighted Scarf for its super soft feel, weight on the back of the neck and pockets for holding their fidgets.


Fidget Keeper

Got a fidget lover? Our fidget keeper is the perfect spot for all their fidgets plus it can hold pens, pencils, lunch money and other important small items.


Denim Weighted Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are terrific all year long. Our Denim Weighed Baseball Cap is perfect for a fall day and the surrounding weight is just gentle enough to not even notice it.