You’ve probably never given any thought to the fact that you can see words on a billboard and process what they say. However, believe it or not, there are  seven different aspects of visual perceptual skills at play that allow you to process the information sent to your brain by your eyes! Each of these can be individually delayed, causing difficulties in reading and writing, among other things.

There are ways to help improve visual perception skills. Check out some of the best games you can incorporate into your play routine to help develop these crucial skills. 

1. Wooden Stackers

The  Rainbow Stacker and  Wooden Wave Stacker are more than just aesthetically pleasing toys. Stacking them in various configurations is great for developing hand-eye coordination, as well as working on visual-spatial awareness. As you stack the pieces, ask yourself, “Will this piece fit on this one? Will it stay in place?”

Rainbow Stacker
Wave Stacker

2. Feel and Find Game

Strengthen your visual skills while exploring your tactile sense! As you put each piece in the correct spot you’ll exercise your spatial awareness. Use both visual discrimination and tactile awareness to match each piece with the correct spot on the board. For an extra challenge, close your eyes and see how many pieces you can match by touch alone!

3. Ready Slide Match

Can you create the pattern you see on the card before the timer runs out? You’ll love racing against the clock to slide the pieces around the board for this matching game. Looking back and forth between the card and board develops your tracking skills. Improve your visual discrimination skills while you distinguish between shapes and colors, in addition to improving your visual attention, as you focus on the pieces and patterns in front of you.

4. Button Pizzazz

Work on color and shape recognition as you slip the button through the buttonholes. You can practice your sequencing skills, an important component of visual perception, by following the patterns on the included cards.

5. Magnetic Puzzle Fidget

Can you put the pieces together so that they form a cube? Can you build other shapes with these pieces? Improve your spatial awareness and visual motor skills by following the patterns in the guide or creating your own!

6. Busy Fingers 3D Foldables™

What shape does this become? Exercise your visual processing skills with these fun, gel-filled foldables. See what geometric shapes you get when you fold and secure the sides together. Try looking through the finished shapes to see what your surroundings look like through the gel!

7. Busy Fingers Tangram Gel Puzzle™

Can you use all seven pieces to form a square? What about a cat? A house? Tangrams are perfect for developing visual processing skills and spatial processing. Challenge yourself to complete the puzzle in a certain amount of time to hone your focusing skills as well.

We want to hear from you! Do you have any of these games already? Which are you most likely to try first from our list?