Make time to swing, regardless of the weather! You can set up a sensory savvy swing system indoors or out. Swinging promotes wellness, core control, relaxation, sensory integration, vestibular orientation, and motor planning. People of all ages can benefit, and here's how to choose a swing for calming, exercise, work or play.



Where are you going to suspend your swing? Indoors, you can suspend your swing from the ceiling with hardware, in the doorway with a swing bar or with a portable swing frame. Outdoors, use a frame and swings built to weather the elements. (Suspending a swing from a tree limb is an option if it's been professionally inspected for sturdiness.)



Swing outdoors to immerse yourself in a sensory experience that combines the sights, sounds and smells of nature and fresh air. Many playgrounds or parks have outdoor swings, adding companionship and socialization.



Indoor swings can be used year-round and allow for a quick sensory break without worries about the weather. You can easily combine motor planning and other sensory integration activities with an indoor swing, and there are many options for both calming and heavy work.


Two Point

Two point swings allow for a forward-backward motion and linear acceleration. They can also encourage pumping and a great core workout. You can hang your swing from a doorway bar, 2 ceiling hooks, 2 point ceiling suspension system or a swing frame.


Single Point

Single point swings provide rotation. The key here is to be sure you have a swivel device attached to your ceiling hook or swing frame. Doorway suspension should not be used, as it is not safe to rotate in such a small space. You should have at least 6 feet of clearance under your ceiling suspension or swing frame to allow for rotation.

Air Lite Junior Bolster Swing
Air Lite Junior Bolster Swing
Air Lite Tire Swing
Air Lite Tire Swing


Swings come in a multitude of fabrics from inflatables to canvas to PVC. Each one has benefits, ranging from bounce to durability. Choose your swings to support your goals. Check swings and hardware regularly for wear and tear and replace when necessary.


Swinging can have multiple benefits including improvements in focus and attention. Try combining with a weighted focus kit to have a more significant impact on the ability to focus and attend.


Enjoy the ride!

Download Guidelines for Safe Use