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As a physical therapist, I am often asked for toy suggestions from other therapists as well as parents and grandparents. Though many parents are familiar with sensory savvy toys, they often struggle with appropriate toys for developmental delays. I've selected my top favorite therapy toys that I not only love to use during therapy sessions but also suggest for parents to keep at home and use when I'm not around.


Peanut Balls

My number one go-to item for therapy is a peanut ball. Kids love to play with these odd shaped balls and, as a therapist, I love their usefulness. Peanut balls are great for seating, rolling, balancing, bouncing and just a plethora of developmental positions. Try tall kneeling on the floor and using the peanut ball for supporting the hands.

BL3854 Jacob-Murasko-with-yellow-peanut-ball-low-res

Foam Ball Pit

Ball pits encourage kids to get in and out, climb over and crawl through. They encourage heavy work and use muscles in a different way than traditional play. Hide objects in your pit and have your kids go find them.


Rockin Rocker Board

It's small enough to toss up on the bookshelf, but sturdy enough to work on sitting and standing balance while playing. Have your child balance on the board while playing with toys or a game that is on a sturdy table or surface.


Spot Markers

Jump from puddle to puddle. Or learn colors with rhythmic stepping. Work on foot skills as well as use them for a spot to stand or sit. Spot Markers also work great for a placemat!

CF5878_Floor Spots for Kids

Saddle Scooter

It's like a scooter board but with plenty of leg space. Kids can work on crawling, upper and lower extremity control and mobility.


Balance Trainer and Cards

More stable than an exercise ball, the Balance Trainer is accessible for kids with low tone too. Provides a full body workout as you sit, stand, squat and bounce on the dome to challenge strength and balance. Playful activity cards sold separately.

Balance Trainer and Cards

Air-Lite Tunnel

Inflate the barrel and watch your child crawl inside (like a tunnel) and roll around, working on balance reactions and gross motor activities. Deflate some of the air and kids can crawl over the barrel too.


Canvas Seat Swing

This is a must for every home! A swing that can travel or stay put. Use it for sitting balance, extension exercises and stretching while swinging. It's super lightweight and compact, and can be a perfect therapy tool while on the go.

Canvas Seat Swing

Cozy Canoe™

Climb in for a calming squeeze or turn the Cozy Canoe around to create a fort. Rock and enjoy the pretend waves.


Hand-Eye Coordination Scarves

Work on tossing, stepping and catching, clapping and catching, hiding and finding, or jumping over them. These scarves are super lightweight, easy to take on the go and a great motivator for therapy sessions.

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