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  • Very soft

    This scarf is lighter than I thought it would be, but it's very soft and the pockets are very cool.

  • Busy Fingers Weighted Pencil Fidget-Set of 2

    Useful as a fidget and sensory item.

  • Tools at my fingertips!

    This game is fantastic! It gives us so many options to regulate, to do activities that require little or no pieces of equipment and can be, at times, self-directed. We adore the pickles and this game is our new favorite go to tool!

New & Bestsellers

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  • Circle Time Success

    Circle Time Success

    Does your child or children suffer through circle time? The Circle Time Success Kit is here to help!
  • Concentration Station

    Concentration Station

    The Concentration Station helps kids and teens focus better by providing sensory input and visual guides during learning time.
  • Visual Attention Teacher’s Kit

    Visual Attention Teacher’s Kit

    Create a personal office space in any home or classroom to help kids focus better on schoolwork or homework.

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