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Tools & Toys for Kids with CAPD

Kids with CAPD benefit from from supportive tools as well as training that boosts their auditory processing skills. Noise reduction headphones help kids filter out extraneous sounds and still participate in their environments. Kids can focus more easily on the task at hand when wearing noise reduction headphones. Kids and teens find that noise reduction headphones make it easier to navigate busy settings like the lunchroom, big stores or airports. AudioSedation tracks also help filter out distracting or annoying auditory stimuli and help kids focus on schoolwork or homework. Kids can choose to listen with earbuds or over the ear headphones while they read or complete schoolwork. Auditory input in the form of classical music can also support kids with auditory processing disorder. Kids enjoy listening to curated selections of music designed to boost focus, promote calm or encourage movement. Different CDs can be used at key times of day, such as before writing class, after recess or before bedtime. Sensory rooms can include equipment that incorporates music and sound to add auditory stimulation to a sensory room experience and support sensory integration for kids with Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Kids can explore sound elements like volume, rhythm and pace using musical tactile equipment in school or at the clinic.

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