Do you need some toys that work for your child with autism? It can be frustrating to buy one toy after another and see it discarded after one play session. Our OTs are sharing top our toy picks that will engage and entertain your 8 year old with autism– and give them a sensory workout too.

Our fun Chewies are both a fashion statement and functional. Wear them as a necklace for easy access whenever you need some calming or alerting oral input. Using these safe alternatives for chewing will help keep your collars and pencils bite-free.


2. Toys To Toss!

Kids love to throw and we have many items that are perfect for indoor play. Try our Monster Beanbags, Weighted Tactile Beanbags, or Stressless Fidget Balls. They all travel safely through the air and provide a great addition to your child's sensory diet. Pair the bean bags with our activity cards, Monster Bean Bag Toss or with our Stomp, Rock and Walk Board for a different type of challenge. Use these for hand-eye coordination, tactile exploration and loads of movement and sensory fun!

3. Don't Fall Off

Bouncing and balancing helps keep you alert and on top of your homework game! You can use our Balance Blocks for a small, easily portable option. Alternatively, choose from our Foam Rocker Board, Rockin Rocker Board, or a Wobble Chair to get just the challenge needed to focus and improve balance and core strength.

4. Go Go Go!

Grab a scooter, swing, or trampoline and let your kids add some heavy work into their daily routine. Exercise and heavy work help the nervous system flush out all the overwhelm of a demanding school day or a noisy visit to the mall. Before doing any demanding activities make sure to prep with some input to the joints and muscles for focused attention.

5. Pressure, Weight and Vibration

Try sensory apparel, a pressure tool or Vibrating Lap Pad to engage your child’s sensory system. These tools provide the full-body calming sensation that your sensory seeker craves! Our weighted clothing comes in many styles with removable weights. Compression tops provide a soothing hug sensation. Massage rollers and vibrating toys round out the selection.

Looking for something else for your child? Reach out to us at for help!

This post was originally posted on 12/21/2015 by . It was updated by Rivkie Berger OTR/L for accuracy and comprehensiveness.