sensory gift guide for kids This sensory gift guide was written for Fun and Function by Kristin Novotny from Little Mama Jama. We wanted to share her suggestions for gifts for kids with sensory needs. Thanks, Kristin!
  Do you have a list of must-have sensory toys and therapy tools? As my kids grow and change, so does my list of sensory toys and regulation tools! This is the perfect time of year to make your list, check it twice, and give your children sensory gifts that will keep on giving! Here is a Sensory Gift Guide for Kids with some of the fabulous sensory regulation tools, sensory play toys, and calm and focus items that are available at Fun and Function.

Sensory Regulation Gifts

Time Timer - Gives visual and audio clues for time telling! Helps ages 3+ visualize time even if they can't tell time.
Mushy Smushy Bean Bag Chair - Kids with poor muscle tone and/or sensitivity to hard surfaces appreciate this lightweight, portable chair! Comfortable for age 1+ and adults.
Weighted Blanket - Provides a grounding effect and can be used at nighttime or during the day to help regulate and relax. My children both love their weighted blankets!
Calm Down Jar - Kids can flip this jar to watch bubbles, gel and soothing colors cascade down to the other side. Helps sensory seekers, under-responders and over-responders to organize, self-regulate and calm.
Hammock Chair - Swing back and forth or rotate while receiving a hug in this machine-washable, organic cotton hammock chair! Durable enough for indoor/outdoor use and can be hung from a stand or a ceiling point.

Sensory Play Gifts

Chewies - Choose from dozens of options to find the perfect chewy for your preschooler, school-age child or teen. When the urge to bite, chew or fiddle strikes, a chewy can come to the rescue!
cozy canoe
Cozy Canoe - Does your child crave deep pressure input? The Cozy Canoe is a soothing place to sit! Create a fort by turning it upside down, or work on balance by rocking back and forth.
regulation putty
Regulation Putty - Your children can learn how to express feelings as they find nine hidden faces in this regulation putty. Work on fine motor planning, heavy work and stress reduction by pinching, pulling and squeezing!
Regulation Cubes
Regulation Cubes - These cubes come with 24 cards filled with motor activities for a fun solo or group activity. You can read more about our family's experience with these cubes
Crash Mat
Crash Mat - Is your seeker constantly jumping, flipping or tumbling? Use a crash mat to support their activity level while keeping them safe. Our kids love these crash mats at their therapy center.

Calm and Focus Gifts

Noise Reduction Headphones
Noise Reduction Headphones - If loud noises are bothersome, these headphones will help tune out extraneous noise while allowing your children to continue participating in their environment.
Transformer Sensory Sack - Distracted or hyper children can stretch, roll, crawl and relax in these sensory sacks to help them become more alert or calm.
Sensory Twists - Explore tactile input and strengthen grip with these sensory twists that provide gentle sensory input.
Wiggle Cushion - Got the wiggles? Your little one that can't sit still can find tactile input and balance therapy with this cushion. Soft bumps on one side provide tactile input, and the other side has a smooth surface.
Hug Sleeping Bag - Cooler than a sleeping bag or weighted blanket, and lighter weight for portability, this hug sleeping bag provides deep pressure input for calm and relaxation.
I see sensory tools and toys as a great investment in our children's well-being. Our kids still use sensory tools that we purchased years ago. C still tries to climb into the sensory sack that fit him when he was two years old! I think he will find a larger one under the tree this holiday season. Many sensory gifts can utilized for therapy purposes for a long time! Which sensory gift will best suit your child's sensory needs? Share your ideas with us. screenshot-2016-11-07-17-59-36 Kristin Novotny is the writer behind Little Mama Jama, a lifestyle blog that focuses on autism, sensory processing disorder, g-tube life, and special needs parenting. When she isn't brewing a cup of coffee, you'll find her planning her next DIY project. Kristin received a complimentary set of our Regulation Cubes for a prior review.