Find the perfect gifts for your family and friends! We've matched each sensory need with the best solutions from our expert occupational therapists.

Calm and Focus

These sensory tools provide calming input, increasing focus and reducing sensory overload.

1. Noise Reduction Headphones/Styles for Babies, Kids, and Teens 

Block surrounding noise with a pair of comfortable headphones. Wear them on the bus, train or plane and any space with distracting noises.

2. Feelings Fidget

Six pocket-sized fidgets support emotional regulation and conversation. Squish the gel beads and identify the expressions: excited, happy, sad, worried, sleepy, and angry.

3. Weighted Sequin Fidget

Now in new colors, you can brush your fingers over the sequins and watch them change from navy to silver. It’s lightly weighted so that you can easily bring it with you for portable deep-pressure input.

4. Hug Tees/UnderHuggers

Get these cozy compression shirts for an all-day hug! Wear them on their own or layer them with other clothes. You can choose from a smooth or ribbed fabric, and even sleeveless, short sleeve, or long sleeves.

5. Find Me™ Lap Pads

The weighted design offers relaxing pressure while you work on visual processing to find colorful animals. It’s an ideal quiet activity and for taking on the go when you can’t bring a weighted blanket.


Play and Learn

Learning new skills is fun with these sensory activities! Whether you’re motor planning or problem-solving, you’ll have a great time with these tools.

6. Busy Fingers™ Tangram Gel Puzzle + Cards

Create a variety of shapes with these glittery gel-filled tangrams. You can follow the cards or use your imagination! It’s great for problem-solving, coordination, and color recognition.

7. Feel and Find Game

Explore different textures as you try to match all the pieces to the board. Try to challenge yourself even more by closing your eyes.

8. Discovery Putty™

Dinos, Emojis or Sports? Choose your favorite or collect all 14 play themes! Each putty comes with pieces to hide inside and find. Strengthen your fingers and work on fine motor skills while playing with putty.

9. Bubble Pop Ball

These fidget balls are perfect for holding and popping with one hand. Keep your fingers busy while you focus on the task at hand. Enjoy the satisfying ‘pop’ as you press each bubble down.

10. Wooden Stackers

Engage your coordination, motor planning, and creativity as you stack and build the Rainbow or Wave Stackers. The design looks great on a playroom shelf or bookcase.

Active Movement

Stay active indoors with these fun sensory activities. They’re perfect for cold or rainy days and will help release extra energy. 

11. Sensory Rumble Roller

Perfect for your little ones, this peanut-shaped roller is filled with foam balls for added interest. Use it as a wiggly seat, for massage or for heavy work activities. Check out some uses  here.

12. 4-Way Play Tunnel

Make crawling games more engaging with this four-way tunnel! You can use this as part of an  obstacle course or hide pieces in the different sections to find.

13. Soft Tummy Scooter

Get moving with a soft, supportive scooter. Whether you sit or lie down on it you’ll be able to go far. Build core strength, balance and motor planning as you ride this scooter.

14. Bounce Board

Designed to have a smaller footprint than a trampoline, this is perfect for your jumpers. No visible springs and easy to store and carry from room to room.

15. Space Explorers

Stretch your imagination as you reach your limbs as far as you can against the fabric’s resistance. Pull it tightly around yourself for a cozy hug or have a dance party for proprioceptive input.

Home Haven

Turn your home into a sensory-friendly haven where everyone can get the input they need. Fill common spaces in the house with these sensory tools that will soothe and stimulate, again and again.

16. Textured Wall Panels

Hang up these wall panels for tactile fun that doubles as decor. They’re great for playrooms and bedrooms so that kids can explore textures and find calming input as they run their hands over the fabric.

17. Weighted Sequin Pillow

Add this beautiful pillow to your couch or bed for a sensory throw pillow. Brush your fingers over the sequins to flip them between navy and silver as you read, watch a movie, or spend time with loved ones.

18. Bear Hug Hoodie

Designed specially for teens and adults, this weighted sweatshirt/blanket features soft olive green fabric with a furry lining and a stylish chunky zipper. Put the hood on for a full sensory experience and store your phone or other tools in the pockets.

19. Minky Weighted Blanket

Top off your blanket collection with this cozy weighted blanket. The Minky fabric adds a tactile element for fidgety fingers, while the 5 pounds of weight provide calming input to your system.

20. Weighted Teddy Bear

Everyone needs a cuddly companion, and this Weighted Teddy Bear is the perfect choice! Hold it on your lap for calming deep pressure or carry it around for heavy work. Comb your fingers through your bear’s soft fur when you need a little comfort.

Sit, Rock, Swing

Flexible seating can be a gamechanger, helping you focus and self regulate. Whether you need to rock, swing, or curl up on something soft, you’ll find the best choice for you here.

21. Raindrop Swing

One of our most popular swings is back, and in a calming neutral navy! Pull the swing’s fabric around you to create a cocoon, or lie down in it like a hammock as you gently swing back and forth.

22. Zipline PlayScape Convertible Kids Couch

It’s a couch, a climbing gym, a castle, and a fort all in one! Exercise your imagination as you rearrange the pieces of this convertible couch. It’s light enough for kids to move on their own and the covers are even machine-washable so that you don’t need to worry about sticky hands.

23. Cozy Canoe

Another super popular option is our Cozy Canoe for just the right amount of deep pressure input. Hold onto the handles while you rock side-to-side for balance work, or climb in and out to develop motor planning skills.

24. Concentration Rocker

Rock, read and relax in this cushioned rocker. Wiggly sitters love this chair so that they can focus better while getting the vestibular input that they need.

25. SensaSoft™ Squeezie Seat

You can choose from three sizes and four colors to get your perfect comfy chair. Position it in different ways to get various kinds of input. The seat’s gentle squeeze gives soothing pressure and postural support, while its shape is great for rocking to focus.