It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re a sensory pro or new to the game, finding that perfect gift for your loved ones can be tricky. Our team of OTs put together a list of their favorite products, both classics and new, so that you can choose something that isjust right. We’ve broken their picks down by price to make shopping easy.


Discovery Putty Pretty Pink

Scented Putty Peppermint- Awakening

Arctic Putty

Everyone needs some putty to love! You can easily slip the putty tin into your pocket or bag for on-the-go fidgeting. Squeeze, stretch and mold it for some soothing activity. You can work on fine motor skills with the Discovery Putty or give yourself a quick mood boost with the yummy peppermint-scented putty!

High Five Chews

Dragon Egg Pendant

Chewies are perfect for oral fixators. They help refocus your mind and keep you on task by providing a safe and appropriate outlet for chewing! Whether you opt for a handheld chewy like our High Five Chews, or a wearable option like our Dragon Egg Pendant, you can’t go wrong.

Pencil Toppers

School is in session and pencils are in hand. It’s tempting to gnaw on the ends of them, so why not make it safe to do so (and stop having to restock your child’s pencil case!)? These Pencil Toppers feature a chunky star for additional tactile input. Chew while you think and you’ll find it easier to keep your mind on your schoolwork!

Super Calming Fidget

Flip for fun! This sequined fidget offers soothing tactile input as you run your fingers back and forth over it. You can create patterns in the color-changing sequins or simply watch, mesmerized, as they go from turquoise to silver and back again. It’s the perfect size to take on trips and to appointments.

Emoji Calm Down Jar

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, shake the jar and watch the glitter swirl as you slow down your breathing. Challenge yourself to identify the emojis floating amidst the glitter. This is a great tool to use to talk about emotions and identify how you’re feeling.

Noise Reduction Baby Headphones

Ever need to take your little one somewhere only to discover it’s too loud and overwhelming for them? Our brand new baby headphones are a real lifesaver! The stretchy band keeps them on comfortably while protecting sensitive ears. You can even change it up by switching between the two included bands! 


Emotion Spot Markers

Can you show how you’re feeling? These Emotion Spot Markers are great for teaching kids to recognize facial expressions and learn emotional regulation. You can use each of the eight markers to designate activity zones or personal space boundaries. They’re also a great starting point for kids to articulate how they feel!

Wipe Clean Weighted Lap PadsFind Me™ Lap Pads

For kids who love the grounding feeling of a weighted blanket, these lap pads are a must! You can still get that deep pressure input even when you can’t bring an entire blanket with you. The Wipe Clean! Weighted Lap Pad is super easy to clean and perfect to bring to school, on the bus, or to other crowded places. Grab the Find Me™Lap Pad when you want an activity to do. It’s great for long car rides or while sitting in the waiting room.

Space Explorers

Once you step inside a Space Explorer, you’ll never want to leave. The snug fabric hugs your body providing soothing proprioceptive input. Curl up for the ultimate calming hug or stretch your limbs to feel the resistance. You can check out ideas for usehere

Busy Fingers™ Tangram Gel Puzzle and Cards

Sensory Gel Shapes

Whether you want to practice color or shape recognition, these Sensory Gel Shapes give you the best of both. Squish the glittery gel for a fun tactile experience. Try looking through the shapes to see how the colors change your surroundings or use it to practice tracing shapes and letters!

Busy Fingers 3D Foldables

Turn these flat gel-filled shapes into 3D creations! They’re great when you need a quiet fidget while at your desk or in the doctor’s office. Fiddle and fold until you end up with a variety of geometric shapes to play with.

Noise Reduction Headphones

An ever-popular classic, Noise Reduction Headphones can turn a stressful situation into one that you can handle like a pro. Put them on whenever you need to block out ambient noise. You can fold them up for easy storage and easily take them on the go. 


Mushy Smushy Donut

Now this is a sweet seat! Our donut shaped bean bag cushion is a fun addition to any cozy corner. Kids can easily carry it from room to room in the house for a comfortable place to sit. They can also fold it in half and lean against it for extra back support.

The Original Weighted Compression Vest™

Our first-born product, this vest never fails to please. It combines both the hug-like sensation of a compression vest with the deep pressure input of a weighted one for the ultimate calming accessory. You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes to find the best fit!

Tactile Matching Game

Explore your sense of touch with this Tactile Matching Game! Feel the texture of the large shapes and try to find the matching texture without looking in the bag. You can also use these for color and shape recognition activities.

Hot Cold Llama Lap Pad

This weighted buddy comes with an added bonus – a gel pack that you can heat or cool! You can get extra cozy or chill out with your llama. Run your fingers through its soft fur for a calming tactile experience and place it on your lap, belly, or shoulders for soothing weight!

Sports Fun Kit

Calling all sports lovers! This kit comes with a special activity guide written by our OTs so that you can get ahead of the game. Use the Discovery Putty and Fidget Balls in a variety of ways for the ultimate sensory break.


Bounce Board

You can have all the fun of a trampoline without the bulkiness. This Bounce Board tucks neatly away for storage and is covered in soft foam for both safety and easy cleaning. Kids will love bouncing on this so much that they (probably) won’t jump on the couch anymore!

Weighted Sensory Knot Ball

Give your living room or home office a sensory makeover. The Knot Ball is perfect for a bit of modern flair, while also providing calming input. Place it on your lap for deep pressure to relax your muscles or put your hands into the nooks and crannies for tactile input.

Designer Weighted Honeycomb Blanket

Weighted Plaid Blankets

Weighted blankets have become a common household item – and for good reason! The calming weight is perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day or to help you settle down for a good night’s sleep. With its neutral color, the Honeycomb Blanket will look beautiful on your living room couch. If you’re looking for something bolder, opt for the Plaid Blanket. With one side blue and the other a fun plaid, you can choose what suits your mood.