Good things come in different packages! Find the perfect gift for playful activities, calming or energizing, or stress relief. Our therapists, led by Adina Steinberg OTR/L, curated this collection of sensory essentials for the holidays. Find gifts for every sensory type, from sensory seekers to avoiders and more!

InterACTION Board Collection ($219.99): Transform your wall into a sensory integration playground! Bright, colorful and engaging, the stimulating activities encourage problem-solving through play.

Hot Cold Llama Lap Pad ($59.99): Love llamas? Our soft and furry Llama helps you calm and focus -- with warm or cold weight! Sits on your lap, lies on your back, hangs on your shoulder! Make furry friends, including a Weighted Bear!

SensaSoft Moon Seat ($269.99 - $289.99): Kids and teens are over the moon with these fun, modular chairs! Stack or fit together for different seating arrangements. Supports focus and comfortable.

Sensory Hallway ($36.99 - $3989): Transform any hallway into a sensory path! Choose from 12 engaging sensory tools that help kids calm down, re-energize and build skills, on the go.

Do you have a child in your life that is a Sensory Avoider? Maybe they become easily overwhelmed by sensory stimulation. They are your picky eaters, cover their ears, and avoid being messy. They may complain about certain smells or tags or seams in their clothing. We have a selection of recommendations for the Gentle Snowflakes in your life!

Hug Tees ($18.99): Nothing is better than that favorite t-shirt feeling! Add compression, take away the tags, and your sensory avoider will be out-and-about in their Hug Tee all year long. Perfect for layering in the winter under all those itchy sweaters!

Weighted blankets ($89.99+): They’re the trendiest sensory gift of the year! They help us decompress, focus, fall asleep faster, stay asleep better, and will give you the coziest blanket burrito of your life...need we say more? Shop our variety of plush, throws, and quilts to find the perfect fit for the people on your shopping list!

Air-Lite Barrel Roll ($189.99): Inflate the Barrel Roll and watch the kids' imagination soar. Pretend you're in a space capsule, tunnel or cave as you play in the soft squishy barrel. Rock and roll, read or tell stories in your own cozy spot. Strengthens balance reactions, motor planning and sensory integration.

Textured Foam Roller ($28.99): Weight and pressure are key for sensory avoiders! Calm down and roll out with one of our textured foam rollers. Take turns with a buddy or massage up your own arms and legs for the perfect amount of calming sensory input.

Sensory Mini Mats ($62.99): Soft, scratchy, scaly, oh my! Explore a world of textures from faux grass to faux snakeskin with these portable mats. Use on the floor, on the wall, or with a friend. The positive sensory experience provides gentle feedback to reduce tactile defensiveness, making this a great pick for your sensory avoider.

Cozy Canoes ($138.99+): Relax and ride and the waves in our Cozy Canoe! Climb in and experience just the right amount of deep pressure for a calming hug as you sit, read or explore. It’s inflatable, portable and available in two sizes for where-ever you might need that extra squeeze!

Do you have a child in your life that is a Sensory Seeker? Someone who is always looking for sensory stimulation. Maybe they have a hard time sitting still, always need to be touching something, have difficulty with personal space, and enjoy jumping, hopping or crashing into things. We have a selection of recommendations for those with Extra Sparkle in your life!

Weighted Dragon Wings ($85.99): Fly into the new year and beyond with these wonderfully-crafted weighted wings! Flexible loops position the wings on your upper arms and wrists for a play experience together with therapy. Act out your favorite fantasy stories together and wrap yourself up in the gentle pressure. Pair this with our Dragon’s Egg Pendant Chewy for a truly fantastic gift set!

Sensory Knot Ball ($117.99): Work out your hands and your stress with our Sensory Knot Ball. Reach through all the nooks-and-crannies of this soft weighted knot and feel the deep pressure along your arms. Toss around to encourage hand-eye coordination and hand strength. It even works great as a throw pillow!

Crawl and Calm Resistance Tunnel ($37.99 - 63.99): Combine heavy work and sensory exploration with our soft Sensory Tunnel! Take turns climbing through the tunnel. Stretch and explore all by yourself or fill the tunnel with objects to find. There are so many ways to imagine and play!

Jumping Board ($179.99): This heavy-duty jumping board is a perfect choice for the kangaroo in your life! It’s designed to withstand hours and hours of vigorous jumping without wearing out. Similar to a trampoline but easily portable. Put ours to the test and practice balance, coordination, or just getting out the wiggles!

Space Explorers ($31.99 - $42.99): Adventure without leaving home in the Space Explorer! Like a body sock, the 4-way stretch fabric provides calming resistance and fun activities in every season. Lightweight and folds for easy travel. Choose animal patterns or solids, from child’s Small to Adult XL!

AirLite Ball Pit ($299.99): A sensory seeker’s dream come true! Hop in our sensory sea, with a cushioned bottom for easy movement. This Ball Pit is large enough to fit 5 children so no one is left out. Choose between our rainbow or translucent crush-resistant balls for a classic or modern look!

Do you have a child in your life that is a tactile or oral motor explorer? Someone who is seeking oral motor input, putting non edible items and clothing in their mouth? Or maybe they are constantly touching and needing to keep their hands busy? We have a selection of recommendations to help those Exploring Elves in your life!

Tangram Gel Puzzle + Cards ($34.99+): It’s the classic tangram puzzle game with a fun sensory twist! There are hundreds of possible designs to build and each piece doubles as a calming gel fidget. It’s the perfect toy to integrate into homework time without any eye-rolls!

Chewy Necklaces ($13.99+): These necklaces are a “chew” classic! For oral fixators, chewable necklaces are great for staying calm and on-task. Go with beads or a favorite shape or color. We have emojis, “chewelry” sets, dolphins, dog tags and more! Whatever your interest, we have a chewy for you!

Sensory Snow ($24.99): What’s better than a snowy holiday season? Just add water to our Sensory Snow and watch as the powder grows 15x its size and becomes snow! Squish it, mold it, and hide objects inside to create a wintry sensory box. Now you can make every day a snow day (minus all those annoying wet layers of clothes!)

Vibrating Sensory Snail ($28.99): Looking for some good vibrations this holiday? Vibrations create a calming effect for sensory over-responders and energizing effect for under-responders. Pull the string to turn on the snail's vibrating belly. For tactile exploration, feel the stretchy blue antennae, curly red neck and fuzzy green back.

At the Beach Weighted Sand Kit ($27.99): Would you rather be at the beach right now? Or maybe on a dino exploration? Explore the world without the mess using our themed Weighted Sand sets! Squeeze it, pack it, and find the items hidden below the surface. Our dry formula ensures that it’s non-stick. Also try our lemon-scented and glitter sand for an extra scent or shine this holiday season!

Bucket of Fidgets ($48.99): For the person who wants a little bit of everything...our Bucket of Fidgets is a perfect fit! Inside are 9 fidgets; squishy, squeezy, colorful and fun. With so many to choose from, you and your kids won’t be able to put them down!

Do you have someone who has some difficulty with gross motor skills, which are the big movements that use the arms, legs, and torso? Or Fine motor activities which are the small movements like holding a crayon or picking up small objects? Or maybe there is a delay in both gross motor and fine motor skills? We have a selection of recommendations to help those little Prancers in your life!

Gel Floor Tile Sets ($48.99+): Your floors have never looked so fun! These sturdy Gel Tiles are a perfect addition to any sensory corner. Sit, jump and push the gel around with your hands. Hop from color to color to see them explode with vibrance. Choose your favorite color or get the multi-colored pack to see the whole rainbow!

Soft Scooters ($61.99): Our Soft Scooters are made for sensitive bellies and bottoms, adding more comfort than traditional ride-on toys and scooters. Zoom around any hard floor space or outside. Build an obstacle course and try to race for the fastest time!

Balance Trainer and Cards ($79.99): Let’s get groovy! Put on some tunes and test your balance using our Balance Trainer and illustrated activity cards. For children with low tone, this unique dome shape can be more effective than a therapy ball. Stand, squat, shake, hop and try to keep your body straight!

Ribbon Push and Pull Cube ($63.99): Pull and watch the colorful ribbons emerge from one of six sides of the cube. This engaging, tactile tool helps keep kids attentive and focused by encouraging fine motor, visual tracking and sensory skills.

Putty Sets and Mats ($5.99+): Putty for every buddy! It’s a great gift that comes in multiple sizes, from pocket-sized stocking stuffers to larger activity sets and mats. Try out our different resistances, scents, shades and effects. It’s one of our best-sellers for a reason!

Jumper Mat and Activity Cards ($169.99): Step into the new year with your best foot forward! Roll out this interactive mat for instant sensory fun. Use the activity cards set to guide games, or create your own. It’s like your own sensory-savvy Twister mat!

Do you have someone who has difficulty with the ability to understand the feelings of others, controlling their own feelings, reactions and behaviors, or has difficulty getting along with peers? We have a selection of recommendations to help those who may need some holiday calm this season.

Noise Reduction Headphones ($27.99): So much of the holiday season is LOUD! Loud music, loud parties, loud stores. For many, all this intensity can be just too much to handle. Help those with sensitive ears enjoy more of the holidays with our Noise Reduction Headphones. They dampen loud noises while still allowing the wearer to hear conversations, so everyone can be involved in the fun!

JoJo Weighted Doll ($56.99): For kids who need a soothing friend, Jojo is here! Jojo’s soft, weighted construction provides calming proprioceptive input while cuddling, and is easy to carry wherever you go. You can even hide Jojo in different rooms for your kids to play hide and seek!

In A Pickle ($39.99): Feeling out of it? Pick a card and play! Each fun activity is designed to help kids regulate mood and develop skills. Perfect for solo or group play at home, school or clinic. Supports sensory seekers, sensory avoiders and sensory over responders.

Emoji Calm Down Jar ($17.99): When the stress of the holidays creeps in, know how to calm down! Our Calm Down Jar features cascading swirls of glitter that will engage you even at your most distracted. Take a deep breath and watch all the sparkles slowly drift to the bottom. Bring it along for anywhere you might need that super-calm feeling!

These products are go-to's for our customers year round and they're best sellers for a reason! No matter the needs of the people on your shopping list this year, you'll find something fun and useful for calming, activities and more!

Transformer Sensory Sack ($31.99): Remember rolling around in your parent’s fitted sheets? Now there’s a therapy product that serves the same purpose! Made with stretchy soft material, this item has become one of our all-time best-sellers and favorites! It gives sensory seekers the full-body engagement that they crave and helps calm down kids with its gentle pressure. It’s easily foldable, portable, for purses and backpacks. Bring it along for anywhere that might require some calm.

Sloth Heavy Hugger ($54.99): Weighted animals can help with anxiety and stress - and are fun companions! Our cute weighted sloth has snaps on each arm and foot to create backpack loops. Wear on your back for calming compression, or carry on your front or seated on your lap.

Wiggle Seat Cushion ($28.99): For the kid always bouncing around in their seat! This cushion is two-sided so you can choose between smooth or spiky sensory input. Perfect for those long holiday dinners! Keep one at home for homework time or take to school for focus throughout the day. It can even help improve posture at your computer! What’s not to love?

Pressure Foam Roller ($27.99): Sometimes one area of our body requires extra pressure, sometimes it’s needed everywhere! Our Pressure Foam Roller helps you pinpoint exactly where calming pressure is needed most for some soothing sensory input. It’s great for rolling solo or taking turns with a friend!

Soft Plush Weighted Blanket ($106.99): It’s officially cozy season! Make the most of your snuggle time with this quilted Plush Weighted Blanket. Fold it up to use as a lap pad during the day and unfold to transition right into sweet bedtime snoozes. It’s no wonder this is one of our best-sellers of the year!.

Cozy Canoe ($138.99+): Need a break from the festivities? Climb in for a calming squeeze or turn the Cozy Canoe around to create a fort. Rock and enjoy the pretend waves, or sit and read a book. The soft surface and versatility make this a favorite year-round. Deflates for easy storage.
Sizes for kids and adults, blue or purple.

Chair Fidgets for Feet ($15.99): Everything’s better in 2s! Keep one at home and send one to school with this Chair Fidget pack! Just slide each loop over any chair legs and busy feet will turn into a productive focusing tool.

Weighted Compression Vest ($74.99): This is the product that started it all for us, a true F&F classic...and for good reason! Weighted Vests are a go-to for any child with sensory needs, and this one combines compression too. Don’t miss our other vest options, available in fashionable denim, fleece, down, and with fun decals. The weights are adjustable and the vests are washable too — very popular features!

Fidgets are fun for everyone! Pick up some small items from our stocking stuffer list for last minute gift exchanges, holiday parties and classroom friends. These small staples never go out of style!

Discovery Putty


Social Mask ($12.99):

Busy Fingers Marble Maze

Stressless Fidget Balls

Pocket Gel Fidget

Gnaw Straws

Hand Eye Coordination Scarves

Chewy Straps Set

Fringey Fidget Bracelet Set

Visual Calming Cards

Anemone Floor Sliders

Discovery Putty Emoji Expressions ($16.99):

Sensory Compression Joggers ($19.99):

Chewelry Necklace Tricolor Beads ($19.99):

Thanks for checking out our top picks for the holiday shopping season this year! The holidays are always best when they're centered around sharing with the ones you love. No matter who you're shopping for we hope you came across some helpful shopping solutions (we know how tough the holiday shopping season can be ;). We wish you a very happy holiday season from the Fun and Function team!